Our company

SINCE 1984

BIOTEC was established in Belgium in 1984 with the aim of developing appropriate conceptual, technological and methodological tools for tropical regions. The key objectives are to treat wastewater (agricultural, agro-industrial and urban) and manage solid organic waste. By doing so we add value to the by-products and use them as industrial, energy and agricultural inputs.


Mission - Vision


Our Vision (2050): Sustainable development of Humanity, fed through organic agriculture and powered with renewable energy


The sound management of the organic matter (carbon and nutrients) to generate renewable energy and to increase the fertility of soils.


  • Replace the usage of fossil fuels by the valorisation of agro-industrial organic by-products
  • Reduce the use of chemical fertilisers in agriculture, optimising the cycle of nutrients (return of the organic matter to the soil)
  • Generate gas and electricity from energy crops (grasses & forage)
  • Find creative solutions to prevent any discharge of effluents or waste to water bodies

Our people

BIOTEC has offices in several countries and a team of 11 nationalities.

We invest a lot of energy identifying exceptional people, develop their abilities and create an environment that nurture their growth as people, experts and leaders.

We are:
Engineers of all kinds, technicians, administrators, financiers, artists, travellers, athletes, good friends and hard workers.

We are a human team characterised by its professionalism and commitment.

Our top managers

Philippe Conil

(Brussels, 1981).
Founder of BIOTEC INTERNATIONAL in 1984. 35 years of experience in the field of biogas and Organic fertilisation.
Based in Latin America since 1985.
Group CEO

Heriberto Dorado

Civil Engineer
(Cali-Colombia, 1990).
Expert in construction of wastewater treatment plants and biogas plants.
General manager for Latin America

Creation of Biotec in Belgium
Biotec is set in Colombia
First bio-digester to treat the effluents of palm oil mills in Latin America (Colombia)
- Wave of bio-digesters (UASB reactors and other models) for paper industry, livestock and poultry slaughterhouses, coffee industry, sugar mills, yeast factories, rendering plants and urban wastewater.
- Composting plants for sugar cane filter mud cake, household waste, vegetable waste.
First Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) biodigester in the world in the form of a covered lagoon (Colombia)
First POME biodigester in the world registered as CDM (Clean Development Mechanism - tool of the Kyoto Protocol) (Honduras)
Establishment of Biotec International Asia (Malaysia)
First bio-digester for lemon juice effluent in the world (Argentina)
First system in the world of monitored liquid organic fertilisation in oil palm plantation (Honduras) - application by macro-drippers
First biodigester that combines POME and effluent from biodiesel plant (Colombia)
First large POME biodigester in Africa (Nigeria)
First POME biodigester in Brazil

Corporate Social Responsibility

BIOTEC International sponsors the PRO-ORGANICA foundation for the development of social projects in Colombia

BIOTEC, consistent with its vision and mission, commits technical, human and financial resources in the pursuit of sustainability for the planet and humankind.

Pro-Organica has four fields of action:

  • Environmental education.
  • Productive programs.
  • R&D centres.
  • Think Tanks.

Research, Development and Innovation

Research, development and innovation has always been the strength of our evolution. We optimise and constantly renew our products and look for new solutions to the challenges presented to us.

Our department responds to external and internal requests using a diverse range of media, such as laboratory tests, industrial testing, collaboration with equipment suppliers, literature searches and feedback from our plants in operation.

The department has highly qualified personnel in biological processes and a laboratory equipped to carry out experiments in BMP (Bio methane Potential). These facilities also allow to assess the toxicity of a given compound, in addition of being able to assess the influence of particle size, temperature and other parameters.

Continuos experiments simulate digesters for get real data applicable to the organic loads, yields, gas quality, nutrient deficiencies, etc.

Our R & D approaches:

  • Optimisation of existing systems
  • New feedstocks
  • New concepts

BIOTEC has been for 30 years a pioneer in its sector.

Major current developments (2016):
  • Biogas farms to produce up to 12,000 m3 of methane per hectare per year from tropical grasses
  • Metal tanks of 5,000 and 7,500 m3 for rapid deployment
  • Biological systems for H2S removal
  • Bio-digestion of by-products of pineapple
  • Higher level of containerisation and automation