BIOTEC is a specialized engineering company providing services of:

  • Engineering (design, supervision of works, inoculation, commissioning).
  • Construction / Erection
  • Operation

It is sometimes difficult for an industry to define what pathway, and what products and services, are the most adapted to its specific case. Sometimes an industry takes contact with BIOTEC for environmental issues and “discovers” so many possible solutions that it is definitively very difficult for it to choose without a deep and long comparison of advantages, disadvantages, and costs.

When the industry cannot define by itself the best “pathway”, what is quite normal when it is not its core business, we recommend asking for the support of specialized consultants.

The job of the consultants is to present clearly to their clients all the possible solutions/options of effluents and “waste” management, and to analyze, size and budget them, looking for the most suitable option for each case in function of the industry priorities and cash flow.

BIOTEC launched and supports two specialized consulting companies to provide that evaluation service to the agro-industry, municipalities and financing institutions.

EVE (Effluents Valorization Engineering), deals with all agro-industrial and urban effluents and organic waste. It is the fruit of the collaboration between Eng Ruben Darío Pinzón (founder of Hydra Engineering, Colombia, and Eng. Philippe Conil (founder of BIOTEC International Corporate, Belgium).
POME CONSULTANCY, only deals with effluents and by-products of the palm oil industry (POME and EFB) with the best experts of Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Both have the focus of ZDM (Zero Discharge Milling), transforming potential pollution problems into business units.

Both receive the technological support of BIOTEC and HYDRA, as well as of other specialized Technology Providers, so that they have a wide database of possible solutions and costs, as well as of operational results of hundreds of projects all over the world operated by BIOTEC or HYDRA.