Gestión Integral de la Materia Orgánica

PALM OIL INDUSTRY: EFB + POME co-composting:

An option to take advantage of the fertilizer value of both by-products (and get rid of 50% of the POME)

BIOTEC implements a composting technology to process jointly EFB and POME, producing a well degraded fine and dry compost easy to spread on the plantation.

The raw POME is supplying the nutrients, VFA and moisture required for a good EFB degradation. The plant only requires a small footprint (around one hectare for a 45 T/h mill). The co-composting plant can even process 100% of the raw POME, if required, including a SSP MEE evaporator.

BIOTEC also offers to the mills an innovative business model, with co-investment + operation (10 years). The mill invests in basic civil infrastructure on its land, under BIOTEC design, while BIOTEC puts the machinery and the operation.

BIOTEC charges the service on a monthly basis through:

  • Compost sale at its fertilizer value or.
  • Compost sale at half of the fertilizer value + Environmental services (EFB processing / POME processing).