Integral Management of Organic Matter

UASB reactor for papermill effluents in Colombia

CARTONES AMERICA SA (Cali, Colombia), called CAME, is a papermill producing 320 tons of paper per day from paper waste. CAME is a BIOTEC’s client in Colombia since 1991 when BIOTEC rehabilitated its WWTP (ETP), which main unit is a “UASB” biodigester.

In March 2020, CAME asked BIOTEC to implement two additional UASB units to process 12 T COD/day. Their design and their incorporation in the existing WWTP have been a joint work between CAME and BIOTEC.

BIOTEC delivered the detailed design mid-August.

Main characteristics: high loaded UASB reactors (8 kg COD/m3-day), up-dated design, bolted glass-fused steel tanks. CAME decided to erect the first UASB unit this year. Despite “COVID times”, parties agreed on a very short timeline for the erection (4 months). Inoculation is foreseen for January and full operation for March 2021.