Set-up of “POME Consultancy Sdn Bhd”, the new consultancy company for the palm oil sector, focused on EFB and POME valorization

BIOTEC opened a business line of CONSULTANCY SERVICES for the palm oil sector.

Focus: The CPO business can not afford discharges to the environment. Both POME and EFB have energy, fertilizer and/or animal feed value. Why considering them as “waste”?
Why sticking to the concept of ETP instead of building VALORIZATION PLANTS?

For a 45 T/h mill, the (only) fertilizer value of POME is around 1 M US$/year and of EFB around 750.000 US$/year.

Based on its 30+ years of worldwide experience in the palm oil sector, on its widespread projects of biogas, composting, liquid fertilization, evaporation and drying, and on its animal feed and powdered fertilizer marketing capacity, BIOTEC Group is now offering a consultancy service to mills and to mill consultants to find, case by case, the best way to valorize by-products, conceiving “business lines” with ROI instead of ETP with costs.

No business is able to survive on a long-term dumping/discharging hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to the “environment” while facing increasing
environmental costs.

ZERO DISCHARGE MILLING is a must for business survival.

For that purpose, a new company entered in the BIOTEC Group: POME Consultancy Sdn Bhd , presently based in Malaysia